Selling property at a profit

We will find a buyer who truly values your property.

The added value of a broker

With Bendzko, sell your property stress-free, quickly and at the right price. Benefit from our expertise and market knowledge!

In the current market situation, properties in Berlin go for top prices. A sale is, therefore, usually worth it – but not necessarily simple. It is essential to assess the market value of a property as precisely as possible. This requires expert knowledge. Set the price too low, and you lose money; set it too high, and you lose time. With Bendzko, you’re on the safe side. We are specialists for real estate in the Berlin area – a market in which we’ve been leaders for decades.

Our team offers expertise and experience covering the entire sales process. Valuation, consultation, property marketing, buyer service, an appointment at the notary, or handling the handover – we work quickly, professionally, and with commitment towards your success. Our aim is to achieve the optimal price for your property. To do so, we communicate the advantages of your offering, find suitable prospects and negotiate the terms fairly. In other words: we bring supply and demand together. This means both the buyer and the seller are happy.

Property sales process

Regardless of whether the property is an apartment, a house, a building or a tenement – selling a property is a complex process, and we guide you through it from A to Z.

Every property is unique, and it, therefore, needs a tailored marketing strategy. This all starts with a face-to-face conversation. We get an idea of your goals, advise you and determine the value of your property. Then we draw up meaningful sales documentation and appealing exposés. Thanks to our thick client Rolodex, we can target specific buyers – including discretely, if that is required.

We free you from time-consuming viewing appointments and phone calls and expensive advertising. We check the creditworthiness of prospective buyers and prepare the sales contract. We handle the notary appointment and hand over the property to the buyer. And we continue to support you once the sale is concluded.

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